About ZenJumps

A modern approach to medieval techniques.

Now, what exactly do you think of when you think of chainmaille? Do you think of knights? Armor? Vikings, perhaps? You're definitely not wrong! There's so much history behind the craft and I strive to add a modern and elegant twist to the classic chainmaille armor we're all used to from history books and Renaissance Festivals.


  My name is Jen and I'm the owner, designer, metal weaver, and everything else behind ZenJumps Chainmaille. I'm currently living just outside Raleigh, NC with my boyfriend and our four adorable cats. I started making chainmaille as a way to pass the time and take my mind off things in late 2014. Eventually I started selling my pieces to be able to afford more supplies, and in August of 2018 I transitioned into making chainmaille full time. While I do sell online, I also sell at a lot of different festivals, art shows, and conventions along the East Coast.




Most of my jewelry is made in stainless steel and titanium so that it will last a lifetime. I also do work some in aluminum - mostly my scalemaille fashion pieces. Drawing inspiration from fantasy books and movies I've loved growing up, I love to focus on designing pieces with elegant lines and fun, whimsical colors. Working with titanium scales, for example, always brings to mind mermaids and dragons because their almost iridescent colors.





Each item is made to order to your specifications to ensure that your new items are the perfect fit for you and your soul!