Necklace chain lengths:

And on a model:


How to get the perfect bracelet fit

  • You will need a measuring tool such as a flexible measuring tape, a piece of string, or a strip of paper and ruler. 
  • Wrap the measuring tool around your wrist just above your wrist bone, where you would normally wear a bracelet. If using a piece of string or strip of paper, use a ruler to determine length. 
  • Add half an inch to that number for a comfortable fit.  
  • If you’d like your bracelet to be looser, size up from there.


Finding Your Ring Size

If you are unsure of your ring size, and don't have a sizer handy, you can determine it in a few simple steps.

  • Gather a piece of string or strip of paper, along with a ruler that measures millimeters
  • Wrap a piece of string or strip of paper around the base of your finger
  • Mark the point where it overlaps to form a complete circle
  • Measure the length of the string or paper from the end to the mark you made
  • Use the chart below to determine your size

Ring size chart